Match Report
Oakham School Boys-U14B vs  Oundle School
On: Saturday, 10 Nov 2018
Venue: Away

When the team work together and put their life on the line with every hit, every run, every move one can be only be proud regardless of the score. Defence was more than perfect. Hard work put a great deal of pressure on a team that could slice through most opposition. Oakham maintained composure, stood strong ad pressed as a unit. This upset Oundle, applied further pressure and then the mistakes came. Boys carried injuries until they could no longer... Proud. Boys took hard hits... Stood up... Carried on... Proud. Boys were battered in the set scrum.... Persevered.... Fought hard and held..... Proud! Honestly... Not fussed about the score.... We played so well, so determined that I am not surprised we won... So Proud!