Match Report
Oakham School Boys-U11A vs  Brooke Priory School
On: Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018
Venue: Away

Boys were tenacious on the pitch today. Big efforts made to tackle, to run hard with the ball and to win the break down. There was a brief element of individuality, but this was soon rectified, and the team proved to be a strong force, as a unit, for the future. Stand out players included: Nutter, who was fierce in the ruck, earned good ball, Carr was determined to cross the line, made several big tackles too, and Jacklin proved what a bullet with a ball can do.

Boys played 2 games - Drew with St Hughes (2-2) and Drew with Brooke (2-2)

On Wednesday the under 11s played an away fixture. Having travelled to Brooke Priory we first played St Hugh’s. Alex’s excellent kickoff set the tone and was chased by our ferocious forwards. From the early contact Matt’s commitment in the ruck helped us to gain possession. Lloyd’s distribution from the breakdown meant that Jonathan could drive through the defence showing his ball carrying expertise. Sometimes the opposition won the ball back but were stopped by Ben’s amazing ability in the field of tap tackling. The ball was turned over, Samson dived on it, got up and took two men out of the game. Let’s hope no one cuts his hair causing him to lose his strength! Max’s pass into space meant that George could use his fast feet to punch a hole in the defensive wall, setting up Seb’s try. Just as you think it could not get much better, super sub Josh entered the fray providing stability in the scrum. The triangular fixture against St Hugh’s and Brooke Priory demonstrated how well Oakham work together as a team and how much progress we have made under the coaching of Mr Vandoros and Mr Clamp.

Yours sincerely,