Match Report
Oakham School Boys-U14B vs  Bedford School
On: Saturday, 06 Oct 2018
Venue: at Home

Boys started off like a train. Big run by Obi through the middle. Unfortunately it woke the tiger up and put us to sleep. The rest of the game we were fighting to get the ball and keep it. We lost the ball too easily in the tackle, we went to high into contact and mistakes began to rule. However, in the second half, there was a moment of perfection. 7 minutes possible where we proved just how we can play as a team. There was a series of phases, possibly 10+ where we took the ball in hard, tipped off as we had learned, supported the ball carrier, cleared out the threat and then recycled the ball back into the attack. It was so good that as coach I was happy... we may have lost the game but we proved we learned massively in it. It now needs to be repeated, and made permanent. consistency is key, we know what to do, now we just need to go out and do it.... I do look forward to our next opportunity to show just what we can do! Keep heads up boys... I am proud!